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CMMI Guidance
If you are new to the CMMI please look at our About CMMI pages  where we have set out what the CMMI is all about and what you can expect in return for your investment in a CMMI programme.
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CMMI Institute Partner Network
The CMMI Institute Partner Network is an elite group of CMMI Institute trained organisations on the leading edge of software engineering processes and technologies.  As a CMMI Institute Partner we are licensed to deliver CMMI services in all aspects of the Capability Maturity Model Integration and Software Measurement Product Suites
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Not all Companies are the same - at Trinity we provide a truly different experience

Our Mission
Trinity's mission is to drive down the cost of using the CMMI by providing
innovative solutions using leading edge technology and ideas.

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Organisations using the CMMI for business improvement usually, at some point in their programme, require objective guidance and expert knowledge in various aspects of the model. Trinity is a specialist provider of CMMI consultancy, training and appraisal services and we can provide you with that guidance and expertise wherever you are in your improvement programme and whatever your requirements.
CMMI Consultancy
Trinity's consultants have a vast range of experience in all aspects of the CMMI in organisations around the world and across most market sectors including defence, finance, government, systems and software development, systems integration, telecommunications, automotive and the media.  They are therefore ideally placed to help you with all aspects of your programme from programme management through methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma to process documentation and all the other specialised areas in between.
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CMMI Training Courses
Throughout 2013 we will be providing a series of public training courses for CMMI-DEV, CMMI-ACQ and CMMI-SVC, including the official CMMI Introduction to CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC and ACQ, DEV and SVC supplements.  Details of these and the other CMMI training courses that we offer, including course topics and objectives, schedules, and training venues can all be found under our CMMI Training Course pages. 

We can also arrange to run a CMMI  course at a time and venue to suit you from 1 person up to 20 people so please contact us for more details.
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SCAMPI Appraisals
Unless you measure your organisation's process strengths and weaknesses you will not know where to focus your process improvement efforts. By knowing the actual strengths and weaknesses it is easier to establish an effective and more focused action plan. Appraisals also help you in prioritising your areas for improvement and facilitate the development of a strategy for consolidating your process improvements on a sustainable basis.
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Our online CMMI training courses are unique and have been created by experts at Trinity to assist you in learning
about the CMMI.  It is our belief that it is the learning that is important and that the "E" is simply the distribution channel and therefore our courses are designed so that organisations and learners can tailor the training to their own specific circumstances.
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Online CMMI Technical Reference
Trinity Management Consultants’ online SEI Technical Reference is an amalgamation of the SEI’s Technical Reports; CMMI for Acquisition Version 1.3, CMMI for Development Version 1.3, and CMMI for Services Version 1.3, into an easy to navigate miniweb.
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