Introducing CMMI V2.0

Designed to meet the challenges of the changing global business landscape, CMMI V2.0 efficiently builds a culture of continuous improvement with a focus on optimising and elevating organisational performance and is the best solution for building and benchmarking the key capabilities needed to drive your business performance.

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CMMI Development V2.0

Global Best Practices

The core of CMMI V2.0 is a proven set of global best practices organised by critical business capabilities which improve business performance. These critical capabilities address the biggest challenges common to any organisation, including:

  • Improving Performance
  • Building and Sustaining Capability
  • Managing Business Resilience
  • Planning and Managing Work
  • Selecting and Managing Suppliers
  • Ensuring Quality
  • Managing the Workforce
  • Supporting Implementation
  • Product Development and Engineering
  • Why Use CMMI?

    CMMI V2.0 helps a business quickly understand its current level of capability and performance in the context of its own objectives and as compared with similar businesses and organisations. If business needs and objectives are not being met, CMMI V2.0 practices can guide systematic and effective improvement to elevate and optimise performance to better serve the needs of the business and ultimately the customer. The need for improvement originates from many sources. Customers may demand improvements. Market forces frequently drive the need to improve competitiveness. External regulations may require changes in how an organisation operates. Rather than having multiple approaches for achieving similar performance, contractual, or regulatory compliance goals, CMMI provides a single approach for an organisation to address these multiple needs.