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About Trinity Management Consultants Limited
Our History
Trinity Management Consultants have been providing CMMI consultancy to blue chip clients in all commercial sectors since the beginning of 2003 and now have one of the largest and most experienced groups of CMMI Appraisers and Instructors in Europe.

During this time we have expanded our services to include the CMMI for Acquisition, CMMI for Development and CMMI for Services models, CMMI Institute authorised training courses, and to offer a comprehensive SCAMPI appraisal service.

Over the last decade our consultants have consistently helped our clients develop their CMMI programmes, achieve their CMMI and Business Improvement goals and deliver proven cost savings and increased revenues. To date our consultants have provided their services to companies throughout the UK, and in the Americas, China, Europe, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand and the Philippines.

In the years following our formation we have developed our own 'CMMI Overview' and 'Mastering the CMMI suite of courses plus a 3 day High Maturity workshop. In December 2008 we provided the first public training in the UK for the CMMI Institute's Acquisition Supplement and 2009 saw us adopt the new CMMI for Services model, again running the UK's first Services Supplement in April 2009 and the UK's first Introduction to CMMI for Services course in May 2010.

We are an active CMMI Institute Partner
and all our consultants, trainers and appraisers are qualified by the CMMI Institute in their specific disciplines. This includes High Maturity and SCAMPI A lead appraisers, B/C team leaders and certified instructors in all CMMI Models.

However, unlike other consultancies who seem to churn out the same old mantra year after year, we are constantly innovating and keep up with new advances in technology on your behalf and now our online services offer a fresh, creative and innovative approach to using the CMMI for business improvement.

In 2012 we launched our QuickStart programmes which are specifically designed to get individuals and organisations in a position to start their CMMI based improvement programmes as quickly as possible by combining training and consultancy tailored specifically to the needs of your staff and environment and which is uncomplicated by external distractions.

Kick Start is targeted at individuals who have been tasked with starting a CMMI programme but as yet have little knowledge of the CMMI and how to use it to implement a process improvement programme. There is an often quoted Chinese proverb, "If you don't know where you are a map won't help". Jump Start is for organisations that need to understand where they are against the CMMI before embarking on a process improvement programme. These two activities can be combined to Turbo Start an organisation's CMMI programme.
  Our Commitment to Quality
At Trinity we believe in practicing what we preach; therefore we are continually striving to compete against perfection, not competitors, to set the highest standards of service to our clients.

Client Feedback
We aim to provide our clients with our best service at all times and we strive to continually improve the quality, skill, and competency of the services we supply. It is our intention to provide our services in accordance with our contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to our business sector and it is important for us to gain your feedback, and we invite you, entirely without obligation, to let us know your comments.

Code of Professional Conduct
To underline our commitment to our clients and to demonstrate our pursuit of excellence we adhere strictly to our Code of Ethics, thus we continually maintain the highest levels of integrity and business excellence.

Trinity is a licensed CMMI Institute Partner  for the provision of the Institute's CMMI training courses and SCAMPI appraisals.  In addition to our Code of Ethics the CMMI Institute require all organisations and individuals who provide CMMI services to agree to uphold the standards outlined in their Code of Professional Conduct for CMMI Services (CoPC) by acting with honesty, integrity, and fairness, and without actual or apparent conflict of interest.

The Code defines appropriate standards of professional conduct for CMMI authorised and certified professionals, candidates for CMMI Institute authorisations or certifications, and CMMI Institute Partners.

Better Payment Practice Code
The Better Payment Practice Group was established to promote a better payment culture within the UK and urges all firms to adopt a responsible attitude to paying on time. Like Trinity companies can support the work of the Group by signing up to the Better Payment Practice Code, and agreeing to uphold the four cornerstones of prompt payment:
1.   Agreeing payment terms at the outset of a contract
     and adhering to them;
2.   Explaining payment procedures to suppliers;
3.   Paying bills in accordance with any contract agreed
      with the supplier or as required by law;
4.   Telling suppliers without delay when an invoice is
      contested, and settle disputes quickly.
  Our Mission
Trinity's mission is to drive down the cost of using the CMMI by providing innovative solutions using leading edge technology and ideas.

Our Services
Our services are aimed at providing high-quality, practical advice and help from professional business consultants and advisors to all types of businesses, whether you are considering if the CMMI is right for you or have already embarked on a CMMI based improvement programme.

Organisations wishing to drive change but reduce their reliance on external consultants can develop their own staff with the skills and knowledge whilst saving on the premium costs of external consultants and also on learning curve time.

Our first priority is the same as yours – to find out what will improve your business performance for you and your customers and help you through the change at a cost you can afford.

Our Philosophy
Our aim is to help organisations in successfully undertaking their CMMI journey. As such we have one of the largest groups of Lead Appraisers in a single organisation in the UK and they are supported by a pool of experienced consultants, who have many years’ experience in software and systems engineering and have provided process improvement consultancy to various organisations in all commercial sectors across the globe. In addition we have consultants with a range of process improvement skills including Lean Six Sigma experience up to Black Belt.

More information about each of our services can be found under our CMMI consultancy, CMMI training and CMMI appraisal pages.

Trinity is committed to delivering informed, business improvement services based on superior industry knowledge, a real understanding of the issues that affect both our clients and their customers, and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do. Our aim is to act as a trusted extension of our clients', by helping them create, build and maintain results that directly and positively impact on their clients' business objectives. Trinity is also committed to providing an informal yet professional working environment that encourages and rewards creativity, insight, teamwork and enthusiasm.