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CMMI Case Studies - Aerosystems International

AEROSYSTEMS International (AEI), a BAE Systems company, is a specialist software and systems developer that aims to be the world-leading provider of high-integrity networked software solutions. In 2009 AEI engaged Trinity to review their CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 5 processes and to lead a Class A appraisal that gained them reaccreditation in September of that year. Subsequently we helped them introduce the CMMI for Services and attain Maturity Level 3 within one year from the start of the programme.
Some of AEI’s reported benefits are:
95% of deliverables now made within the delivery window
Delivered defect rates reduced by 48%
Project costs now more controlled and predictable (within 5%)
Productivity – increased by 20%
Boeing recognised CMMI achievements (level 4 or above)
- dispensed with AS9006 certifications and supplier audits
- added company onto their preferred supplier list

Cost Benefit
Higher probability of achieving budget
Less probability of cost overruns and more predictable cost estimation

Projects with a better process score (adherence to Process) have a better cost variance (positive is good, negative is bad)

Higher probability of achieving schedule
Less probability of schedule overruns and more predictable schedule estimation

Higher probability of fewer delivered defects and better predictability (normal distribution has become narrower)
Delivered Defects have stabilised and are predictable (less variation)