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CMMI Institute Case Studies - JPMorgan Chase

Trinity worked alongside JP Morgan Chase, a major financial services provider, for over six years providing capability building, project and programme management consultancy, organisational training, configuration management and programme office tools across back, middle, and front office departments within the organisation. In particular, the application development group was seeking more reliable delivery of software to the business, reduction in errors and dramatically reduced costs. They therefore engaged Trinity to implement a CMM programme utilising Six Sigma tools to identify strengths and weaknesses in existing processes.

Our consultants liaised directly with the Chief Technology Officers of various JPMorgan Chase Software Houses to establish the business goals and strategy for their respective programmes. Subsequently they worked with all levels of staff to analyse current practices, determine the appropriate organisational and management processes to support their businesses and design the maintenance and support processes before leading the department through the cultural change necessary to support the new processes. The geographic scope included the UK, Asia and New York offices. The difference in existing processes and procedures and different cultures considerably added to the complexity of managing this transition.

Trinity was solely responsible for JPMorgan Chase gaining CMM Level 2 accreditation in 5 different software development houses, as well as contributing to the accreditation of many more.

In the Back Office benefits principally came from savings in Production Support costs realised by achieving Maturity Level 2.

Pre ML2
Production Support costs 39% of departmental costs

Post ML2
Production Support costs = 24.9%
Additional process improvement costs = 3%
Additional quality assurance costs = 2.6%
Total = 30.5%

A saving of 8.5% or $1,005,618

In addition batch processing errors and emergency software releases were substantially reduced.
Processing errors reduced by CMMI programme  Emergency software releases reduced by CMMI programme