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CMMI In English
Trinity’s CMMI Fact Files have been designed to provide information for people unfamiliar with the CMMI and who want to know answers to basic questions about the CMMI models, training and SCAMPI appraisals.

Our objective is to provide you with an understanding of the purpose, structure and general intent of the CMMI and an awareness of all CMMI models and their use in helping to eradicate common project and service management problems, and to deliver significant business benefits.

Many misconceptions abound about the CMMI and in these pages we have endeavoured to set out ‘the truth’ and therefore these pages may provide a new insight to people who think they already know about the CMMI.

Whilst we’ve endeavoured to break up the CMMI into separate topics there is much overlap between them, as you would expect from an integrated model.

The CMMI contains a lot of what some may call jargon and in the pages of this fact file we will endeavour to explain what the CMMI is in plain English.

For people wanting to know what ‘the book’ has to say you can find the answers in our Online Technical Reference or you can download a copy from The CMMI Institute.