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Major Clients

The following is a list of major clients  that our consultants have supplied services to.

Services: CMMI Consultancy, SCAMPI Appraisals,CMMI Training and High Maturity Training,Quality Assurance.
Achieved: Maturity Level 3 moving to Maturity Level 4 in the UK and Maturity Level 5 in India.
Principal Consultant: Stephen Fletcher
Bank of England
Services: CMMI Consultancy, CMMI Training
Principal Consultant: Stephen Fletcher
JPMorgan Chase
Services: CMM / CMMI Consultancy, CMM Assessments, Process Definition & Documentation, Quality Assurance, Programme and Project Management, Six Sigma.
Achieved: Maturity Level 2  in a number of Equities systems development initiatives across back, middle, and front office areas in UK, Asia and New York offices.
Principal Consultant: Peter Flower
Abbeyprior to the take over by Santander.
Services: CMMI Training, CMMI Appraisals,
CMMI Consultancy, Other Training
Achieved: Maturity Level 2 in their Belfast Office 
Principal Consultant: Derek Peddie
Media Companies
Services: CMM Consultancy, CMMI Appraisals, CMMI Training, Other Training.
BAE Systems
Services: CMMI for Services, Development and  Acquisition Consultancy; CMMI Training and SCAMPI Appraisals
Achieved: Maturity Level 2 in four businesses
Consultants: Peter Flower, Adrian Harston,Stephen Fletcher, Derek Peddie, Jan Holmes
Thales Air Operations
Services: SCAMPI Appraisals, CMMI Consultancy
Achieved: Maturity Level 3
Principal Consultant: Peter Flower
Systems Integrators and Developers
Fujitsu Services
Services: CMMI Appraisals, CMMI Consultancy, CMMI Training.
Achieved: Maturity Level 3 in 30 months for the Application Solutions business.
Consultants: Peter Flower, Adrian Harston,Stephen Fletcher, Derek Peddie, Jan Holmes
BT Global Services

Services: LSE Project; CMMI Consultancy, Process Definition & Documentation.  Spine Programme; SCAMPI Appraisals at Capability Level 3

Principal Consultant: Derek Peddie
Fujitsu Telecommunications (Europe)
Services: CMMI Training, CMMI Consultancy, CMMI Appraisals.
Principal Consultant: Peter Flower
UK Government
Department for Works & Pensions
Services: TREDS project; CMMI Consultancy, CMMI Appraisals. Corporate IT ADC; CMMI Acquisition and Development Training, CMMI Acquisition consultancy.
National Health Service
Services: CMMI Consultancy, Process Definition & Documentation
Defence Organisations
Services: CMMI Training
IFS Defence
Services: CMMI High Maturity and CMMI Acquisition Training
AEROSYTEMS International
Services: CMMI for Services Training, CMMI for Services Appraisal and SCAMPI High Maturity Appraisal Principal Consultant: Stephen Fletcher
Thales Land and Joint
Services: CMMI Consultancy
Achieved: Maturity Level 2
Principal Consultant: Peter Flower
General Dynamics UK (UK)
Services: CMMI Consultancy, SCAMPI Appraisals, CMMI Training.
Principal Consultants: Stephen Fletcher, Jan Holmes
Lotus Engineering
Services: CMMI Consultancy, CMMI Appraisals.
Services: CMMI Appraisals.