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An Overview of the CMMI                                             Purchase CMMI Online Training

Course Content
This entry level course has been based on our successful one day instructor led course.  Now revised and updated to use E-Learning tools the course will suit anyone wishing to obtain an initial understanding of the CMMI.  The course is divided into six modules each narrated by one of our CMMI Institute certified instructors.  Key points and illustrations are displayed on screen and each module contains activities designed to reinforce the students learning. 

This learner-centric course allows the student complete flexibility to pause and restart to suit their needs.  The course duration is approximately 200 minutes (including activities) which conveniently breaks down into 5 sessions of approximately 40 minutes each.

  The course consists of the following six modules:

CMMI Online Training Course  An Introduction to Process
CMMI Online Training Course  An Introduction to the CMMI
CMMI Online Training Course  Looking Deeper
CMMI Online Training Course  Achieving Institutionalisation
CMMI Online Training Course  Appraising the Organisation
CMMI Online Training Course  An Improving Organisation

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CMMI Online Training Course Overview
Course Objectives
The objective of this course is to give the student an overview of the CMMI models and an understanding of their purpose, structure and use to eradicate common project and service management problems and deliver significant business benefits.

The course will help students become aware of:

CMMI Online Training Course  Processes and process models
CMMI Online Training Course  The CMMI models and their uses
CMMI Online Training Course  The benefits of using the CMMI for process improvement
CMMI Online Training Course  The CMMI’s method for assessing process strengths
      and weaknesses

CMMI Online Training Course  How the CMMI embeds processes into daily use
CMMI Online Training Course  Life in an organisation that is using the CMMI for
      process improvement

Purchasing the Course
The pr
ice for this course is £50 GBP per delegate and can be purchased by contacting us.  Before you decide to buy you can view the first two modules free of charge here.

At the end of the course there is the opportunity for the student to undertake a self assessment of their understanding of the course material.  On succesful completion of the course the student will receive a certificate of completion.

Students are able to download a comprehensive set of course notes that reinforce the on screen material from the E-Learning Portal.

The course will benefit project managers and staff, service providers and customers, process improvement practitioners and champions, and all professionals interested in using the CMMI for process improvement.  No process improvement experience or knowledge of process improvement models is assumed.

Overview of Course Modules
In “An Introduction to Process” we establish a foundation for the course by looking at processes and process models and how they can be used. In this module we will establish a definition of what is meant by ‘process’, and we’ll see the importance of process management and process improvement.

“An Introduction to the CMMI” provides a high level view of the CMMI models themselves and the benefits that can be achieved using a CMMI-based process improvement programme.  In this module we consider what the CMMI is and, perhaps just as important, what it isn’t! We also look at some the drivers that lead organisations to adopting the CMMI and the types of benefits they might expect to achieve.  Then we turn to the model in a little more detail looking at how it is structured, the models that are available, ways of using the models (the representations), and the concept of capability and maturity levels.

Having looked at the CMMI from a high level we go into a little more detail in “Looking Deeper”.  Here we look closely at the models’ Process Areas by considering first the heart of the CMMI, the Model Foundation.  Next we consider Project and Service Management and introduce the practices in each of the models and see how they work.  Finally we demonstrate how the Process Areas support the achievement of the models aims and how they help ensure quality products and services.

A key element in any improvement programme is to make sure that processes are embedded into everyday operation and we provide the student with some guidance on how this can be achieved in “Achieving Institutionalisation”.  Initially we consider why processes are important and why sometimes they are not used.  Then we look at how the CMMI can help you to ensure that processes become part of the fabric of the way the organisation works, they became ‘how we do things around here’.

One of the key components of the CMMI Product Suite is its appraisal method that helps organisation monitor how they are doing in terms of achieving their improvement objectives.  In “Appraising the Organisation” we give the student some insight into how the appraisal method works and how appraisals are actually conducted.  We also look at the types of evidence that is required to demonstrate process performance, and how the results of an appraisal are presented to the organisation and how they can be used to support on-going improvement.

Finally in "An Improving Organisation" we’ll give you a sense of what it’s like working in an organisation that uses the CMMI for process improvement by examining three key themes of improvement and also the nature of the improving organisation.