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A Free Overview of the CMMI V1.3 Changes


In CMMI v1.3 there are changes to the entire product suite, including models, training, and appraisal products.  As expected the most substantive model changes are to the high maturity process areas.  These include the addition of a new process area, Organizational Performance Management (OPM), at ML5 replacing and expanding OID and the removal of generic goals 4 and 5.  To support these changes the specific practices of QPM have been revised to reflect a connection between CAR and QPM.

In addition each model has changes to the core Process Areas (PA) and the PAs specific to them (Acquisition, Engineering, and Service), but these are more modest and there are no major changes to the specific practices in generic goal 2. Category and PA names have changed slightly in each model, particularly in CMMI-SVC where the word ‘Project’ has been replaced by ‘Work’ in most cases. In addition language and architecture has been harmonized and aligned wherever possible and the front matter, glossary and informative material have all been improved.

In this free 45 minute presentation Adrian Harston talks through a brief overview of these changes and discusses their significance. During the presentation you may pause, stop and restart at any point and can replay slides or skip ahead to topics of more interest.

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CMMI V1.3 Changes Online Training

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