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Online CMMI Training

Learning Supported by Information and Communication Technologies.
Trinity has been providing CMMI training to clients since 2003. Over the years we have developed our own CMMI Overview courses, Mastering the CMMI and High Maturity workshops.

With the growth of online applications and cloud computing E-learning is increasingly being seen as one of the most powerful tools in any training strategy covering a large dispersed workforce. Furthermore, when coupled with instructor-led training it can bring additional dimensions and enhance the learning process overall.

People learn and absorb information in different ways and at different speeds. It is reported that students involved in E-learning courses retain more information than those who study in a traditional classroom. Research shows that 83% of what we learn comes through sight and 11% through hearing. The other 6% is split through smell, touch and taste.

Our online CMMI training courses are unique and have been created by experts at Trinity to assist you in learning about the CMMI. It is our belief that it is the learning that is important and that the "E" is simply the distribution channel and therefore our courses are designed so that organisations and learners can tailor the training to their own specific circumstances.
CMMI Online Training Courses

CMMI Online Training Self Paced Learning
  CMMI Online Training Easy to Start and Run
Getting started is simple. All courses can be purchased from Trinity Management Consultants Limited and once payment has been received you will be emailed your login and you can commence your training immediately.

Upon login students are then taken to the home page where they can select each module to view.

Each module is selected from the menu and will run in Adobe Flash Player. During the presentation you may pause, stop and restart at any point and can replay slides or skip ahead to topics of more interest.

  CMMI Online Training Accessible Anywhere
Our courses consist of standalone instructional material that can be accessed and completed via the web, without the need for interaction with a traditional teacher allowing students to complete the training in their own time and in a variety of locations. The main advantages are complete flexibility and the significant economic savings which follow. They will also allow results to be electronically tracked in order to provide the learner and employer with a comprehensive record of learning history. 

  CMMI Online Training Environment Friendly
All courses are hosted on Trinity’s website and each student registering for the course will be given a secure login to the training modules. This means the courses can be completed anywhere there is access to a computer and the internet and the delegates don’t have to attend classes, eliminating travel and minimising disruption to the working day. And with the environment in mind learning online contributes to the environment by reducing paper waste and helping to reduce CO2 emissions by eliminating the need for travel.

  CMMI Online Training Affordable
Organisations wishing to drive change but reduce their reliance on external consultants can develop their own staff with the skills and knowledge whilst saving on the premium costs of external consultants and also on learning curve time.

We aim to provide you with the best value when choosing to study with Trinity. The price of our courses vary and some are even provided free of charge. All our prices are published on the dedicated course pages so you can see up front how much the course is going to cost.

We are also clear about any examination fees and registration fees that will need paying so there are no hidden charges.
With our online courses the learning is ‘self-paced’; meaning that delegates can go through the modules as quickly or as slowly as they like. Our courses can be completed anywhere there is access to a computer and the internet and the delegates don’t have to attend classes, eliminating travel and minimising disruption to the working day ensuring education can be fitted around work requirements rather than the other way around

CMMI Online Training

Best Learning Experience
The presentations are designed to provide the best learning experience for the student. Each slide is narrated by a qualified instructor whilst key points and illustrations are displayed on screen. There is ample opportunity for the student to digest the content and key points can be repeated as required.

CMMI Online Training

To reinforce the presenter’s commentary each module contains activities at key points where the student is required to answer multiple styles of questions, match related items, sequence answers, fill in the blank and more. Activities may be scored, time limited, both or neither. When the question is answered the student is shown immediately if they have answered correctly. If the student answers the question incorrectly the presenter provides a full explanation of the answer and the correct answer is provided.

At the end of each module the presenter will recap the key learning points.

CMMI Online Training

At the end of some modules the student has the opportunity to undertake a self-assessment of what they have learned during the session. At the end of the assessment the user can see their results together with a summary of all the questions.

In some courses, on completion of all modules an exam can be taken in the same manner as the assessments above. The exam will cover all subjects of the course and the exam result can be printed by the student.