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A Free Overview of the SCAMPI V1.3 Changes


The SCAMPI v1.3 Method was published in March 2011. 

The changes introduced in v1.3 are based on feedback and change requests from the CMMI community gathered since the release of v1.2 in 2006 and are aimed at:

CMMI Online Training Course  Improving the analysis of sampling factors to assure representative coverage and efficient data
     collection (Replacing the old focus/non-focus projects)

CMMI Online Training Course  Clarifying the handling of Basic Units and Support Functions (data sufficiency and coverage)
CMMI Online Training Course  Formalising plans for data collection and resources
CMMI Online Training Course  Introducing managed discovery (thereby reducing PIID production)
CMMI Online Training Course  Removing the distinction between direct and indirect artefacts
CMMI Online Training Course  Providing guidance on how to conduct multi-constellation appraisals
CMMI Online Training Course  Removing barriers to the broader usage by removing CMMI-DEV specific terminology and
      giving the method a broader appeal

In this free 20 minute presentation Jan Holmes talks through these changes and works an example of the new sampling and data coverage rules.   During the presentation you may pause, stop and restart at any point and can replay slides or skip ahead to topics of more interest.

How to View the Presentation
Please complete the form to be immediately taken to the presentation. The presentation requires Adobe Flash Player which you can download from here

SCAMPI V1.3 Online Training
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